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20.03.2007 15.37

Knowledge-based economy: global trends and new ideas

19 March 2007 at 18.00 the Center for Comprehensive International and European Studies together with the Club of experts on world politic economy, the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy and the journal “Russia in Global Affairs” arranged the lecture

“Knowledge-based economy: global trends and new ideas” by Jean-François Rischard,

 French writer, international consultant, former vice-president of the World bank.
The lecture was held in English.
Leading Russian experts, English-speaking students, postgraduates and teachers of the Higher School of Economics and other universities, interested in issues of world and domestic economy participated in the discussion. The discussion was moderated by S. Karaganov, president of the Club of experts on world politic economy, scientific supervisor of the Center for Comprehensive International and European Studies, Dean of the faculty of World Economics and International Affairs of the State University Higher School of Economics.
The round table took place in the State University Higher School of Economics (11, Pokrovsky boulevard, 209-G).

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An Outlook for the Midterm Future


EU-Russia Investment Reciprocity: Making it Work

The issue of investment reciprocity will be one of the most crucial issues in Russia-EU relations over the next several years. It was identified as one of the top priorities by Russian and the EU political leaders (both by the EU and by each of the EU member-states), and declared to be so in the majority of Russia-EU strategic and program documents. This issue was also, to a great extent, considered to be one of the prerequisites for the platform of the future stability and integration of all sides.


Russian Electricity Reform is on its Way!

Can the investors (Russian or European) be accused of profiting law and regulated electricity tariffs?

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